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Last year we tracked contributions as part of the Nardone Team. This year we are able to track by additional teams who have participated in major ways in the past. In order to account for all funds contributed by each team, a unique source code has been assigned to each campaign. When making a gift online, via mail, or through participation in local Easter Seals fundraising, it is critical to attribute your donation to the proper team.

To donate online, follow the DONATE NOW! link above to the Easter Seals donation page. Be sure to use the drop down in the billing section to select your team’s name. Your contribution activity will then be credited to the correct team.

For all other contributions, follow the link below to your appropriate team page. There you will find your team's donation forms along with their fundraising goal and progress so far.

Thank you!
Claudia & Angelo

Nardone Campaign
(Diamond, Ghassami, Griffing, Hamilton, Hardy, Wright)

Melillo Campaign
(Valerio, Pavlides)

Durso Campaign
(Shannon, Simeone)

Pappalardo Campaign

Callender Campaign

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