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Welcome and Thank You for participating in the Callender Stitch in Time Campaign!

It’s easy to get involved in the campaign. Getting involved can take as little as reviewing the materials on this website and making a donation online, or you could involve your entire family, business associates, friends and neighbors. The most critical part is to take that first step and commit to making a difference in the life of a child in need and others with disabilities including adults, the elderly and our military vets.

We’ve set our team goal and we’ll need your help in making it happen. There are multiple teams participating in the campaign and we’d like our team effort to rise to the top and achieve more than the goal of $50,000!

Detailed instructions can be found on the how to page, or download the Campaign Overview flyer. Be sure to use the forms linked below so that all donations are properly attributed to our team!

Callender Campaign Tracking Sheet
(for donating by mail)

Callender Letter of Credit Reporting Form
(for tracking donations given directly to an Easter Seals office)

The campaign wraps up at the end of 2012 so we have lots to do before then to achieve our goal. We’ll announce our team contribution and fundraising totals periodically and keep you all in the loop. Thank you for caring about children in need and the families that love them.

Thank you!
Wayne & Suzanne Callender

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